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Real People, Real Results!


"Now we have more energy for our kid"

“When Oriflame launched the new Wellness products it was at the right time for us! We were extremely pleased as we were thinking of changing our lifestyle and start to live healthier. First we learnt about the new products, then we started to use them and it was not long before the results started to show. In a year and a half we achieved a really big difference; actually just after three months we really started to see results! E.g. my blood pressure problems have stopped (before, I was really tired and had low energy).

My skin is now moisturized and firmer. Slavko noticed that he is calmer and his digestion has improved. We use the Wellness products daily and sometimes we even give the Natural Balance Shake to our 12 year old, he loves it! We drink the Natural Balance Shake twice a day as we found out it's not only healthy – it's also cheaper than eating snacks as we used to do before. We have lost 35 kg all together – without a diet and without any suffering. What's most important, we have maintained our weight for one year now – with healthy food, exercise and indispensable Wellness products!”

Here’s we lost 35kg altogether:

  • Exchange your snacks with a Natural Balance Shake
  • Start exercising!
  • Get your whole family involved in a healthier lifestyle!
    Favorite Product:
  • Natural Balance Shake Strawberry (Laura)
  • WellnessPack Man (Slavko)


portrait2.png"I am so proud of myself"

“After giving birth to my daughter I gained weight and many times tried to lose it. With Wellness by Oriflame I got very good result! It was long process, but it was worth it since I’ve got not only stable weight results, but I am feeling great and got lots of energy!”

Here’s how I lost 24kg:

  • Shake before each meal and instead of snacks
  • Walking to and from work every day instead of using public transport
  • Non fatty and boiled meat with vegetables instead of roasted meat with potatoes
    Favorite Product:
  • The Natural Balance Shake Vanilla



"I enjoy life more than ever"


“I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Though I was not severely overweight when I was very young, I was always bigger than the other kids. As I grew older I also grew heavier, and despite several attempts could never manage to take the weight off. Though I knew what I should eat, I still ate the foods that I wanted instead. Fast food, potato chips, and soft drinks made up most the base of my diet, providing a lot of calories without the nutrition that my body needed.

In 2007 when I came to Igelösa determined to take control of my life and lose the weight I had put on, I weighed over 150 kg. Since then I have followed a lifestyle program to turn my life around. Daily exercise, better nutrition and being part of a community of support have been major factors in my success. I make it a point to walk for at least an hour every day, and the food that I eat is low in calories and high in nutrition. Whole grains, lots of vegetables and fish make up the foundation of my diet.

Along with these, I also take Natural Balance Shakes at least two times a day. I take them in between meals to keep me from getting hungry and to help fight off sugar cravings. By drinking Natural Balance Shakes before I get hungry, it is easier to avoid overeating at meals and thoughtless snacking.

There have been several times that I have faced challenges on my road to success. The first month of my lifestyle change, despite a complete change in exercise and diet, I struggled to lose even a little weight. Other times, despite eating right and exercising, my weight stayed the same for up to a month at a time. Whereas I would have given up when faced with these obstacles before, now I followed the advice I was given: to have patience.


With the support of the community around me I kept to my exercise and nutrition program, and soon the weight started coming off again. Now, less than three years after coming to Igelösa, I have lost over sixty kilos. I feel better, have more energy, and enjoy life more than ever.“
Favorite Product:

  • Natural Balance Shake - any flavor!
  • portrait3.png

    "I love my new shape!"

    “I take one with my breakfast as a replacement for coffee. I take one instead of a work snack. I take one before dinner. And now, thanks to the single servings, I can take a shake whenever, wherever! I lost 47 kilos in 1 year! This is an addiction I don’t mind having!”

    Here’s how I lost 47 kg:

    • Decide to succeed and do whatever it takes
    • Eat right and light
    • Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!
      Favorite Product:
    • Natural Balance Shake Strawberry


    "I have much more energy for my job"

    "I took the opportunity to change my life and started to use the Wellness products. Today, I have not only lost 25 kg, but I have also much more energy for my tuff work!

    Here’s how I lost 25kg:

    • Decide to do it
    • Get support from the Wellness product range and materials
    • Learn how to eat - what and when
      Favorite Product:
    • Natural Balance Shake Vanilla
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