The brand new male fragrance in the home of Oriflame comes in June 2011. The scent is imagined being an escape from every day life, an exciting olfactory trip made up of distinctive elements introduced from Namibia.

Within the top-notes of the Voyager structure, you'll have the juices of mandarin and bergamot, that are there to provide and renew a rush of sweetness. One's heart is just a hypnotic mixture of cardamom, green tea extract and myrrh from Namibia, set on the cozy and cozy base of creamy sandalwood, vetiver and amber. The nomadic Himba folks of Namibia gathered the myrrh, among the primary elements in the structure of the strong fragrant Voyager.

The scent is inspired by the tradition of the Himba people. It reduces your wants and emotions to explore the brand new perspectives of Africa, or various other locations near to your center. This powerful and strong fragrance will awaken your senses and encourage your limits to be moved by you, take action unexpected, unreasonable and thrilling. Voyager emerges in a steady and strong glass container, by which it combines its tastes and tempts with its tones of emerald.

Oriflame Voyager will come in bottles of 75 ml EDT, followed closely by fragrant body-care items.