At the beginning of 2014, aside from the gorgeous fragrance Volare in rose-shaped flacon, Oriflame is planning a fragrance for men, which offers an unusual blend of records appealing for assessment. Energizing and with attitude, Oriflame Final is designed for adventurous men who exist to the fullest.

This scent was also designed to offer new activities and is described as "wonderful, strong, vibrant and charismatic" – the ideal companion to the comfortable and ambitious present-day person. This creation is characteristic for its unusual structure and for inspiration of perfumer Alexis Dadier with the popular car-racer from 1970es, Gary Gabelich – National originally from Split (Croatia) who set the entire world speed record in excellent blue car with aircraft generator "Blue Flame".

Discussion of strength and power between vehicle and person fascinated perfumer Dadier, to create a solid and dynamic relationship between the elements. Arrangement of Ultimate starts with powerful accords of Sichuan pepper mixed with accords of sodium and clary sage from Italy. The guts features accords of hot mud blended with strange incense and patchouli leaves, while the foundation supplies stability with a warm woody nation of cedar and sandalwood moreover armed with amber.

Fresh smell Oriflame Ultimate happens in an elegant, glass flacon with bright areas, with highlighted sides with the result of luxury. Its stopper is modern and stylish, in matte black colour with a black lacquered stripe with a thin redline. Ultimate is available as 75ml Eau de Toilette accompanied with fragrant spray deodorant as 150ml.