North For Men Skin Care

North For Men Skin Care

Oriflame is proud to announce the imminent launch of North for Men - a modern skincare range for men promoting the advantages of natural arctic ingredients to male skin. 

Oriflame scientists have undertaken intensive research in the Arctic in order to discover an active ingredient tough enough to thrive in extreme weather conditions, with protective properties that can be employed to defend the male epidermis. 

Rhodiola root extract is an antioxidant-rich polar botanical known for its healing properties that protects skin against thermal stress and helps it adapt to internal and external aggressors.  This is a key constituent of Arctic Pro Defence the essential ingredient in all North For Men products.

Oriflame has formulated the North For Men collection to aid the skin in its plight against the elements and to help prevent and correct the signs of skin ageing.  A complete collection for an everyday routine, the range includes: