Oriflame Builder is influenced by advanced perspective and contemporary style, striving at productive and innovative menArchitect is just a perfume from the aromatic fougere olfactory team with spicy notes and principal woody and aromatic nuances. Perfumer of the formula Alexis Dadier wished to honestly represent a mix of modern tools and nature, influenced by Paris' renowned Quai Branly Museum and its beautiful natural act. He attempted to echo the smoothness of the building, a sophisticated balance of engineering and vegetation. The smell is steadily developing and therefore exposing all its levels one-by-one - woody notes show the wall of the memorial and the act is displayed with fragrant notes

Innovative container style and Downtown is closed by Dominique Perrault, the planet famous designer who developed Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris. Their overseas initiatives have already been given often.

The arrangement starts with orange, cardamom and orange hemlock. The center is very woody with notes of forest, sequoia and guaiac, positioned on the bottom of patricia, patchouli, vetiver and tobacco, developing a harmony that will boost the perspective of the contemporary person.

It's accessible as 75 ml EDT with encouraging assortment of aftershave gel and deodorant. Builder premiered in 201