My Destiny

My Destiny

The uniqueness of My Destiny’s scent is surpassed only by the design of the fragrance bottle. Through a custom ink-injection
technique, the glass of each bottle is infused individually with a distinctive green swirl (inspired by one of the trendiest tones of Tourmaline). No two swirls are alike, meaning your My Destiny EdP is a true one of a kind. Oriflame is proud to be the fi rst in the fragrance industry to accomplish personalised packaging in this way.

Tourmaline was specially selected as an ingredient for My Destiny because its crystals possess a rare energy fl ow known to boost feelings of self-confidence and help you express your creative spirit. Its remarkable beauty was also an important factor. Tourmaline forms in any colour you can imagine and no two stones are ever alike – a wonderful metaphor for how we are all unique and beautiful in our own way