Love Potion

Love Potion

The home of Oriflame provides their first aphrodisiac fragrance Love whilst the embodiment of attraction Concoction. Ideal to improve enthusiasm and motivation and to promote game of attraction in warm summer! The scent offers an asian figure and is dependant on two primary elements referred to as aphrodisiacs - candy and ginger.

Shades of the version are red colorization of interest and mystical dark. The fragrance Love Potion is likely to be accessible as 50 ml EDP in catalogues briefly. Love Potion premiered in 2011

Awareness and sensuality of the fragrance is supplied by cinnamon and herbs from India. It proceeds with amazing scents of somewhat sweet chocolate blossoms, sensitive lily, fresh tangerine and vanilla. The entire comfortable and attractive structure is rounded-up by tonka beans and sandalwood.

Associated items within this fragrant selection contain Serum for personal occasions Massage Oil and Love Potion. The very first one is just a mild, moisturizing serum that helps restore balance to your vulnerable parts. It will help you relax. As 75 ml available. The latter is fragrant oil well suited for delicate massage with Love Potion. Sexy elixir of cocoa, cinnamon and candy plants awakes your enchants and feelings. Available as 250 ml.